Navy captain on what it was like working on ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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(NewsNation) — Captain Brian Ferguson was inspired to join the Navy after seeing the original “Top Gun” movie, which debuted in 1986.

Little did he know that years later he would work as a consultant on Tom Cruise’s “Top Gun” sequel, now in theaters.

Captain Ferguson revealed to NewsNation’s Marni Hughes during an appearance on “NewsNation Prime” that the new film used real Navy pilots to fly the actors around in airplanes.

Ferguson worked as the technical advisor and the Navy aerial coordinator. He was primarily in charge of safety.

Ferguson said he believes the current film has renewed a sense of pride in military service.

“I’m already getting phone calls from from people,” Ferguson said. So far it’s people people I know that say, ‘my son, my daughter watched the film, and they would like to talk to you about a road or a path to naval aviation.'”

The captain says anyone can become a fighter pilot if you have a vision and a goal.

“It’s the coolest job on the planet, bar none,” he said. “Stay out of trouble and listen your parents. Just get a focus, get a goal, and do it. Don’t let anybody tell you no.”

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