On fire: Guinness World Records holder eats Carolina Reaper in interview

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(NewsNation) —  Only one man can lay claim to having eaten the most Carolina Reaper peppers in the shortest amount of time on record.

San Diego native and hot sauce maker Greg Foster ate 10 of those peppers, considered to be the world’s hottest, in 33 seconds.

Foster, who grows Carolina Reapers in his backyard, says the peppers are “one of the hottest things you can get.”

“Every time people ask me if it’s spicy after doing this for years and years, the answer is still a resounding yes,” he added.

As far as the peppers go, Foster says eating them competitively is much different than consuming them regularly.

“When I’m consuming regularly, I’ll slice it up and add it to food, on top of a burger, in a salad, with steak, chicken wings, you name it, I’ll just eat a little piece throughout a meal. Competition wise it’s a whole different ball of wax. It really is. The mechanical thing of speed eating and trying to eat those as quickly as possible really is a matter of chewing dynamics and swallowing and putting your mind outside of what’s going on with your body,” Foster said.

While eating a Carolina Reaper during an interview on “NewsNation Prime,” Foster said his mouth was on fire as his face turned red and he broke a sweat.

Describing the hot process, Foster said eating a Carolina Reaper is like “drinking from a flamethrower.”

Foster’s latest Guinness World Records title from September comes just nine months after he smashed the record for the fastest time to eat three Carolina Reaper chillies in 8.72 seconds.

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