YouTuber dive team joining search for Kiely Rodni

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(NewsNation) — Divers from a popular YouTube channel have joined the search for 16-year-old Kiely Rodni, who has been missing for nearly two weeks.

Rodni was last seen at a massive “senior send-off” party around 12:30 in the morning of Aug. 6 at the Prosser Family Campground, where about 200-300 young partiers had gathered.

The last known “ping” from her phone was near the lake, but searches haven’t turned up any sign of Rodni, or her 2013 Honda CR-V. After 10 days of searching, authorities announced they made plans to scale back their efforts.

Thousands of people requested that Adventures With Purpose (AWP), an organization dedicated to helping families of missing loved ones, make their way to Truckee to assist in finding Rodni.

They specialize in underwater sonar search and recovery, particularly in finding vehicles underwater, and have been successful in the past in many cold cases.

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“We are in communication with the Placer County Sheriff’s Department. They’re very happy and welcoming us in. We’re gonna utilize our unique skill set, as well as the search tactics that we’ve developed that haven’t made us successful,” AWP cold cast diver and investigator Doug Bishop said Friday on NewsNation’s “Prime.” “This takes a lot of cooperation with local authorities and multiple agencies, because of the climate surrounding the resources that are involved.”

Typically, AWP works with cases that are 20-30 years old, but they’re dedicated to this case and remain hopeful that Rodni is found safe and sound.

“The biggest thing in all of this is she was at a party that had 200 to 300 people. Someone knows something. And that’s … a really accurate assessment to make,” Bishop said.

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