Son of Casey White’s victim speaks out

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(NewsNation) — The son of an Alabama woman who escaped inmate Casey White allegedly murdered in 2015 spoke about White’s apprehension and his mom on NewsNation.

Investigators believe Alabama corrections officer Vicky White helped capital murder suspect Casey White escape the Lauderdale County Jail on April 29. They remained on the run until leading U.S. marshals on a chase Monday afternoon in Evansville, Indiana that ended in a crash. Vicky White died at a hospital Monday and Casey White is hospitalized.

Casey White, who has a history of violence, confessed to killing Connie Ridgeway in 2020.

Police found Ridgeway, whose son Austin Williams called her a “gentle, sweet, southern Christian lady” stabbed to death in her living room in 2015. Investigators called it a murder-for-hire, something Williams says blows his mind. In 2020, Casey White allegedly confessed to the murder. He pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity.

Williams said on NewsNation’s “Prime” that he was shocked when he learned that White was on the run.

“It’s been a roller coaster of emotions. I would say it’s been the longest 11 days of my life, by far. … I can’t even process it,” Williams said, adding that he will be present at the trial for White.

Throughout the manhunt, Willaims said he was anxious his mother wouldn’t get the justice she deserved.

“Knowing about that headstart they had, it just seemed like it was something that they had well planned and it just wasn’t likely to end well,” Willaims said on “Morning in America.” “It was just just a really bad feeling knowing our mother might not have a chance to get justice really served.”

He also said that he isn’t sure Vicky White knew what she was up against and says he thinks that she is a victim in the case as well.

“Casey can be a very manipulative person to help her believe … that things were going a different way … so he could get what he wanted. So I’m not sure if that’s, you know, true or not, but that’s the only thing I could think of, just knowing his history,” Williams added.

You can watch Willaims’s full interview with “Morning in America” in the player below.

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