Taco Bell worker accused of dumping boiling water on patron

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(NewsNation) — Surveillance video captures Brittany Davis and her daughter at a Dallas-area Taco Bell confronting an employee about their incorrect order last month. That’s when Davis says the Taco Bell employee lunged at them with a bucket of boiling hot water, hitting them in the face and chest.

The two then tried to get out of the restaurant, but say they then realized they were locked inside. By then, video shows the manager appearing to be rushing to get a second bucket of water but not before the victims escaped.

According to Davis, restaurant workers proceeded to follow the injured pair outside, where they allegedly laughed and taunted the two as they ran for safety.

Family members rushed both women to a nearby hospital, where they treated for severe burns. Brittany says she has removed all of the mirrors in her house, saying she “couldn’t bear to see her own face.”

“Brittany suffered 10 seizures that were triggered because of these burn injuries, 10 seizures between the time of the incident and the time that she was care flighted to Parkland Hospital,” a representative for the family said. “In order to handle the seizures, they ended up having to intubate her and basically put her into an induced coma to get the seizures to stop.”

Attorneys representing both women say companies have a responsibility to hire people who respect safety and security at the workplace and should be held accountable for neglectful hiring. Their lawsuit seeks more than $1 million in costs and damages.

Taco Bell said it takes the safety of workers and customers very seriously.

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