Extreme travel experiences growing in popularity

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(NewsNation) — Taking a vacation no longer necessarily means lounging on a beach. Mysterious realms of the planet are being revealed like never before, with some saying extreme vacations are becoming more accessible to the average person.

Even with prices bordering on steep, people are still booking trips to all ends of the Earth. From deep sea dives costing anywhere from $45,000 to $250,000 to climbing Mount Everest for anywhere from $30,000 to $160,000 or visiting the North and South Pole for around $7,775, people appear to be hungry for unusual, challenging travel experiences following the pandemic.

Extreme travel options include a nearly $20,000 cruise around the world that hits about 50 destinations or a visit to the Titanic’s shipwreck, two miles below the ocean surface.

Sandra McLemore, a travel industry expert, appeared on “NewsNation Prime” to discuss the exotic travel choices gaining popularity.

“It’s not really a new thing. I think it’s the fact that we missed it. When you take something away from somebody, they just want it even more afterwards,” she said.

McLemore says there are some phenomenal travel experiences out there for nearly every budget.

Starting on the high end, McLemore says she’s seen “people chartering planes and literally flying around the world one step at a time, wherever their heart or their place will take them. I’ve seen people doing world cruises of 164 days. I’ve seen people going on expeditions to Antarctica and playing with penguins.”

For those on a budget, she says, there’s a 111-day world cruise that has 50 different destinations and comes with a twist.

“What most people don’t know is that you can actually purchase a segment of the cruise. World cruises are often broken into 14-day segments. So, it’s just a matter of picking which segment of the world you want to cruise and taking yourself on a portion of that world cruise for a fraction of the price,” McLemore said.

And while “it’s not realistic for people to rent a jet or charter a plane … what most people don’t know is that companies like JSX, they’re just one of the very many private air companies. You can fly private for around $200 a flight per person right here in America. You still get that luxury feeling and that exclusive experience, but you’re not breaking the bank.”

McLemore says there are a few spots in particular where the dollar can really stretch on vacation.

“If you were traditionally on a Holiday Inn budget, you could really get something luxurious in somewhere like Bali, Indonesia, South America, Costa Rica or even Mexico. There are some great places where your dollar stretches further, and you really can step into luxury,” McLemore said.

McLemore recommends booking with a professional travel advisor to help find the best value experiences. 

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