Banfield: Examining US drug laws; another bizarre turn in the Murdaugh family saga


It’s a question that’s top of mind after beloved, award-winning actor Michael K. Williams was found dead in his New York apartment — reportedly with drug paraphernalia nearby.

If it’s confirmed he overdosed, should his dealer go down for murder?

New laws are popping up all across the country and bringing the hammer down on those who illegally sell drugs that end up killing the user.

Under these “death by distribution” or “death by dealer” laws, drug dealers can be charged with murder if someone overdoses on drugs they’ve sold. Prosecutors won’t even need to prove the dealer meant to kill their customer.

It’s a controversial idea, but not an isolated one. A total of 25 states currently have a form of a “death by dealer” law — a sign of just how bad the drug crisis in America has become.

One of Williams’ close friends and former mayor of Mount Vernon, New York, and New York State Sen. Todd Kaminsky join “Banfield” to discuss.

Also, the man at the center of the Murdaugh saga is out of a job as of last Friday as he recovers from a gunshot wound to the head. For decades, Alex Murdaugh practically embodied the Low Country legal establishment, and that didn’t change when his wife and son were found murdered on the family’s hunting grounds in June.

NewsNation’s Janel Forte joins “Banfield” to discuss the latest in the murder mystery.

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