Banfield: Experts weigh in on the often misunderstood world of psychedelics


If you’re like most Americans, something or someone probably set you off today. If you’re like many Americans, your day was a bummer. But if you are like 1/5 of the country, your day was clinically awful. That’s because 21% of us suffer from depression, anxiety, addiction or PTSD. 

Americans spend a staggering $240 billion per year on mental health services. But if what you’re doing isn’t working, or if you’re looking for a better option, a better day?

A whole new field of psychiatric science is opening up to help Americans amid a mental health crisis and an ongoing opioid epidemic. Hold on to your hat, because the science involves drugs like LSD, ecstasy, magic mushrooms and ketamine to name just a few.

They’ve been demonized for decades but many now think it’s time to reexamine them.

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