Inside Ashleigh’s ‘Digital Dunkirk,’ the Paul Murdaugh saga and Cuomo’s dog

Ashleigh Banfield shares a success story, one very close to her heart, in all its breathtaking detail for the first time.  It involves a covert rescue operation at dawn arranged by her team – Ashleigh’s Digital Dunkirk crew.

While reporting in Afghanistan, Ashleigh had a translator. We are calling him by another name, Jawad, for safety reasons. He’s been living in the United States and now, thanks to her team’s efforts, his family is en route to reunite with him. He joins the show.

Three members of the team also share their story with us.

John J. Siemietkowski, a U.S. immigration judge and retired U.S. Army colonel, who served in Afghanistan as a judge advocate general training Afghan judges and lawyers.

Mike Orloff is a retired Army major who served in Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne. Jawad was his interpreter.

And Amanda Fox is a communications strategist and former NBC News producer. Her path, Ashleigh’s path and Jawad’s path all crossed in Afghanistan in 2001.

And then, new information in the story that rocked South Carolina and the entire nation: the Murdaugh family case. A young passenger in the boat crash that killed a teenage girl goes on the record saying that before his own shooting death, Paul Murdaugh may have been a murderer himself. 

NewsNation reporter Andrew Davis, attorney Mark O’Mara and former prosecutor Susan Filan help us unpack what’s happening.

Plus, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is allegedly leaving behind his dog as he resigns. There’s push-back from the governor’s team saying this is just the search for a dog sitter. NewsNation correspondent Tom Negovan sheds some light on what’s happening.

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