US embassy in Kabul warns Americans to leave airport; COVID-19 vaccine and prison sentences


As the clock is ticking for the mission to evacuate Afghans ahead of the full Taliban takeover, talk has already begun about how welcome those refugees will be here in the U.S., with many saying, “Not in my backyard.” 

We speak with Ashleigh’s former translator from her days reporting in Afghanistan.  We call him “Jawad” to protect his anonymity as he still has family in the country.

Also, get the vaccine or go to jail?

We’re not at that point yet for everybody, but if you commit a crime or get accused of a crime, and you haven’t yet rolled up your sleeve, you might just face a judge who makes that decision for you.

An Ohio man is facing that choice. Brandon Rutherford was sentenced to two years probation for drug possession — if he rolls up his sleeve. If not, it’s 18 months in prison.

Brandon and his attorney, Carl Lewis, join “Banfield” live from Cincinnati.

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