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Texas church firebombed after ‘anti-LGBT’ YouTuber video

  • A church was damaged on the heels of a Christian content creator's visit
  • None were injured and damage was limited to the front doors 
  • The investigation is ongoing 

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(NewsNation) — A Texas church was firebombed Sunday, weeks after it was the subject of an anti-LGBTQ Christian YouTuber’s video, according to multiple news reports.

Community Unitarian Universalist Church in Plano, Texas, was the target of the attack carried out July 23, the church posted on Facebook.

The attack happened between midnight and 12:30 a.m. using a chemical accelerant that was either thrown or placed at the front doors of the building, church officials said. There were no injuries and damage was limited to the front doors.

“Church officials have been reviewing building security and working with the Plano Police Department since the intrusion of a hate group in the church building during and after Worship Service on Sunday, June 25,” the post stated. “That group has posted video of their activities inside the church on various social media sites.”

According to NBC, a content creator named Bo Alford, known as “bodittle” online, posted a video of the church to his social media about a month earlier.

In the video, Alford and another YouTuber, Cassidy Campbell, interviewed church members while “pretending to be LGBTQ,” NBC reported, quoting the language used in the video, which has since been made private.

Afterward, the mean told viewers the church is “pagan and satanic” and told people to pray for the congregation, NBC reported.

Alford gave the followingstatement in an email, according to NBC:

“First and foremost, my prayers go out to anyone effected (sic) by the fire. As to the accusations, My channel spreads the message of Jesus and his love for us. If you watch the video you will see the members of the church having nothing but nice things to say about us. She enjoyed our conversation and even ended it with a hug. The fact we are being labeled as a hate group and being tied to this fire in any way is appalling.”


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