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High school drummer doesn’t let hearing impairment stop him from finding the beat

White House commission on Supreme Court divided over expansion

Michigan teacher on paid leave after video shows her fighting 13-year-old student

Families file Title IX suit against Virginia school district after several sexual assaults

Southern Baptist leader resigns as abuse review continues

Salmonella outbreak from unknown food source sickens people in 36 states as cases climb

Georgia port working 24/7 to clear backlog of cargo ships

John Deere workers strike continues

Capitol Police officer charged with obstructing justice

Parkland shooter pleads guilty to massacre

Bill Clinton recovering from infection in California hospital

Chicago mayor files complaint against police union

Alex Murdaugh: New charges against prominent attorney

Netflix transgender group calls for walkout over Dave Chappelle jokes

Surging oil demand reviving Texas towns

Indianapolis officer faces federal investigation after seen stomping on man's face

Texas lawmakers debate transgender sports bill

LAPD officer shot while driving to work; 14-year-old detained

Michigan governor orders urgent response to lead crisis

Jan 6th committee pursuing criminal contempt charge against Steve Bannon

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