Alex Jones asks ‘Infowars’ audience for help with legal fees

Rush Hour

(NewsNation) — Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed the Sandy Hook massacre, which killed 26 people, never happened. Parents say it caused them years of harassment, including death threats, resulting in a nearly billion-dollar judgment against him.

Now, Jones is asking supporters to donate to his legal fund.

Legal analyst and attorney Angela Cenedella reminded NewsNation viewers Thursday night that with defamation laws, “it’s not just the person who starts the lie who could be held liable.”

“In looking at how these damages were calculated, it has to do with all the harm that followed … So the online death threats, the harassment, all those other people who kept spreading these lies, not just Alex. I feel like this massive judgment is going to deter those people from perpetuating the lie. We know it’s a lie … Maybe Alex Jones is fine walking around with the billion dollar judgment on his head, but I don’t think normal people are. So I do hope the lies will stop,” Cenedella added.

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