Hurricane Ida kills at least 2; America’s war in Afghanistan ends

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The remnants of what was once Hurricane Ida are inching farther north through the southeast a day after one of the strongest hurricanes to ever hit the U.S. mainland battered parts of Louisiana with triple-digit winds and inundated coastal towns with flash floods.

Ida is blamed for at least two deaths: someone killed by a falling tree outside Baton Rouge and a motorist who drowned in New Orleans. 

Markie Martin has the latest as Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said he expects that number to climb over the coming days and more than one million people are still without power across Louisiana and Mississippi.

Meanwhile, Janel Forte journeys to Tupelo, Mississippi, where heavy rains continue and some remain without power. National correspondent Joe Khalil has the latest on how the government hopes to help out, while Aaron Nolan gives a view from on the ground in Arkansas.

And America’s longest war is now over. Over the course of 20 years, more than 2,400 Americans lost their lives in Afghanistan. As the final U.S. planes head back to the U.S., DC correspondent Allison Harris explains how the U.S. plans to get remaining Americans out.

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