ICUs fill in US, Hawaii governor asks tourists not to come as COVID-19 cases rise; Possible answers in family’s mysterious death

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Here’s a look at the latest news from across your nation:

Efforts to evacuate American citizens and allies out of Afghanistan continue. With just one week remaining until the Aug. 31 evacuation deadline, NewsNation’s Allison Harris explains why President Biden is rejecting requests for an extension.

As surging COVID-19 cases are leading to packed ICUs, some Houston hospitals are being forced to close their emergency rooms and one small town is essentially shutting down after half its population tested positive. 

Markie Martin shows which areas are seeing the biggest outbreaks in Texas, California, Arizona and Florida. Tom Negovan also takes a look at whether shutdowns could be coming across the U.S.

Meanwhile, Hawaii’s governor is pleading with visitors and residents alike to cut down on travel as local leaders impose new restrictions on large gatherings. Local reporter Gina Mangieri explains what leaders are attempting to do.

In Tennessee, three people are still missing after devastating flash floods swept through parts of the state, killing nearly two dozen. Alex Dennis gives a look at recovery efforts on the ground, while Janel Forte explains: How did this happen?

Vice President Kamala Harris is in Southeast Asia region, but her trip was briefly delayed after two people on her plane may have been impacted by the mysterious “Havana syndrome.” NewsNation’s Brian Entin shares what we know.

The music world is mourning the loss of legendary Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who died at the age of 80. Entertainment correspondent Sloane Glass looks at the legendary drummer’s life and legacy.

We’re learning more about what may have contributed to the mysterious deaths of a family of three and their dog found dead along a California hiking trail. Nancy Loo explains.

It’s hot around much of the nation, from the middle of the country through the Great Lakes and all the way into the Mississippi Valley. Correspondent Jennifer Jordan shares why it was so hot several Cleveland schools canceled in-person classes.

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