Ida continues to cause flooding, damage as it heads northeast; Caldor Fire draws closer to Lake Tahoe

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Even as Hurricane Ida becomes a tropical depression, it’s continuing to cause flooding across the northeast U.S., while leaving billions of dollars in damage in its wake. And the Caldor Fire is drawing closer to Lake Tahoe as crews rush to beat back the blaze.

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Remnants of what was once Hurricane Ida are still being felt along the East Coast. In Annapolis, Maryland, Evan Lambert is on the scene after at least one confirmed tornado touched down. 

Tom Negovan reports from New York City as Tropical Depression Ida is expected to bring widespread flooding across the northeast. And Brian Entin shows some of the more than $50 billion in estimated damages left behind after the storm moved through Louisiana.

Torrential rain also left a highway split in two in George County, Mississippi, killing a mother and daughter and injuring at least 10 others. Janel Forte spoke to relatives of those who were killed.

There’s growing concern in Lake Tahoe as the Caldor Fire inches closer to the resort town. Nancy Loo says calming winds are a cause for hope in slowing the spread.

As a tourist behind bars in Hawaii is accused of making a fake vaccination card to avoid a 10-day quarantine, Rudabeh Shahbazi shares why investigators say a crucial typo tipped them off. 

Also, Paul Gerke explains why the governor of Ohio is calling for an investigation into a high school football team that was crushed on national TV, prompting some to question whether it’s even an actual school.

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