Photos show poor conditions for Afghan refugees housed on US military base; Ida causes widespread flooding, dozens dead

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — At least three dozen are dead after remnants of Hurricane Ida caused flooding across the Northeast, a thousand miles from where the storm made landfall. The latest from across the region, and an exclusive look at poor conditions endured by some Afghan refugees in the U.S.


PLANE CRASH: A fiery plane crash in Connecticut left four people dead after the small craft slammed into a building. Dispatch audio from first responders shows the frantic reaction.

CALDOR FIRE CONTINUES: South Lake Tahoe is still under threat from the Caldor Fire, which has grown to 210,000 acres and is burning within just three miles of the city.

MEXICAN IMMIGRATION CRACKDOWN: Mexican officials are cracking down on so-called migrant caravans heading to the US, while new video shows hundreds of migrants being detained south of the border – and some are being brutalized in the process.

EXCLUSIVEAFGHAN REFUGEES FACE POOR CONDITIONS: Afghans coming to the United States have endured hardship as they flee desperation and possibly war, but when they arrive in the U.S., some of them are temporarily staying in what appear to be filthy, substandard conditions.

LEFT BEHIND: Two Florida women say they’re desperate to reunite with their husbands, who were left behind in Afghanistan.

A SUPER-SIZED SUIT: It’s been a McJoke for years: the ongoing problems with McDonald’s McFlurry machines. But now the Federal Trade Commission is trying to get to the ice-cold bottom of it all.

ID IN THE CLOUD: Apple is pushing the digital envelope once again, rolling out a new feature that will give users the ability to store official ID cards such as driver’s licenses on their phones. 

FYRE FEST II?: Thousands of angry fans are demanding refunds after the Sol Beach Fest in Texas turned out to be a total flop.


New York City saw rain like it has literally never seen before, crippling the mass transit system and trapping some commuters on the subways overnight without power, water or bathrooms.

New Jersey’s governor says the death toll in that state has grown to 23 after it was slammed by a massive tornado and flooding.

In Rhode Island, several inches of rain came down across the state, flooding roads and trapping people in their cars.

Four nursing home residents are also dead after they were evacuated ahead of the hurricane’s landfall in New Orleans but subsequently died. 

As President Biden prepares to head to New Orleans for a firsthand look at the damage, he’s also offering help to states in the Northeast hit hard by Ida’s remnants.

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