Texas abortion, voting laws at center of national debate; Biden tours Ida damage

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A controversial Texas abortion law that allows residents to file suit against anyone they suspect of assisting a woman get an abortion more than six weeks into the pregnancy is sparking a heated national debate. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott also signed a controversial voting rights overhaul into law Tuesday.

President Joe Biden toured the damage caused by Hurricane Ida in the Northeast and met with families who lost everything, making calls for the U.S. to address climate change along the way.

An alleged gunman kicked out for fighting at a Kansas nightclub came back with a gun and sprayed bullets, police say, leaving one person dead and five hurt.

Crews are making final preparations to take down the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia; one of the largest Confederate monuments in the country.

While Taliban leaders insist things will be different than the last time they ruled Afghanistan in the 1990s, critics say their recent selection of government officials suggests otherwise.

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