Paraglider helps rescue driver in alligator-infested canal

Rush Hour

(NewsNation) — Miraculous moments caught on camera: Paraglider Cristiano Piquet’s dramatic video shows the moment he spotted and helped a Florida woman after she plunged her car into an alligator-infested canal.

Piquet says he did what anyone would do — “stop and help.”

Footage from Piquet shows the moment he spotted a woman clinging to her car in a canal near Miami. Without hesitation, Piquet can be seen turning around and finding a place to land.

Once on the ground, he ran to the bank of the canal to see how he could help the woman. A neighbor, who heard the commotion, tossed the woman a rope and pulled her out of the water.

The neighbor and the rescued driver exchanged thanks and hugs. First responders on the scene thanked Piquet and the neighbor for their quick thinking.

Piquet has been paragliding since 2015 and says he’s never seen anything like this before. He’s not sure how the lady he helped rescue is doing. He says he left soon after emergency responders arrived on the scene.

“I didn’t have the option. I mean, I could not leave that woman over there. I did what anyone would do — stop and help,” Piquet said.

Piquet insists he’s not a hero. He’s just thankful he was in the right place at the right time.

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