The dangers of oversharing in wake of celebrity heists

Rush Hour

(NewsNation) —  Mariah Carey, Marlo Hampton, Calvin Ridley: What do these celebrities all have in common? They were all recent victims of home invasions in Atlanta targeted by a local gang who used the celebrities’ own social media pages against them.

26 people from the “drug rich” gang were named in the 220-count indictment by the Fulton County District Attorney. The indictment linked gang members to at least 13 home invasions.

In light of the indictment, NewsNation asked former CIA officer and FBI agent Tracy Walder if criminals are becoming more sophisticated as big tech becomes intertwined in people’s lives or if people are oversharing on social media. Simply put, she believes both to be true.

“Criminals are getting more sophisticated … But we also have to remember people are oversharing on social media,” Walder said.

“I think nothing is off limits on social media. We really think that nothing’s going to happen if we overshare all of this information,“ she added.

In the video above, Walder gives her insight on how to stay safe while using social media.

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