Earth’s core cooling faster than expected, new study finds

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(NewsNation Now) — The Earth’s core is cooling faster than anticipated — an alarming finding, but one that’s not likely to impact humans’ immediate future, according to a new study published in “Earth and Planetary Science Letters.”

The results suggest that Earth is “cooling and becoming inactive much faster than expected,” professor Motohiko Murakami at ETH Zurich told the Weather Channel India. Murakami also was the lead author of the study.

Scientists reached their conclusion by measuring the conductivity of the mineral bridgmanite from the Earth’s core to its mantle.

There, they found that bulk thermal conductivity at the core-mantle boundary was about 1.5 times higher than previously expected. Simply put: the core was cooling more quickly than previously expected.

According to TWC India, Earth’s core acts like the planet’s heart, and as it continues to cool it eventually will become solid. At that point, Earth will become similar to Mars, “affecting every planetary process as we know it,” TWC India’s Mrigakshi Dixit reported.

When that solidification might take place remains unclear, Murakami told TWC India.

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