Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘The universe brims with mysteries’

(NewsNation) — New images from the James Webb telescope could change what scientists know about the origins of the universe.

“It’s like the fingerprint of all the chemistry that’s going on in there, and also about chemical elements that are going on in there, as well as where we would put it in the expansion model of the universe,” said famed astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Tyson joined “NewsNation Prime” to discuss the new discoveries and talk about the mysterious flying objects shot down over the U.S. in last couple of weeks.

“I need extraordinary evidence, not simply an object in the sky you can’t identify,” Tyson said of speculation that the flying objects were extraterrestrial. “What would extraordinary evidence be? Like I said, give me high-res video, the alien walking out of the flying saucer.”

Speculation about the unidentified flying objects being of alien origin began popping up earlier this month after the White House confirmed few details about the objects.

The White House has since confirmed that there was no indication of “aliens or extraterrestrial activity,” but has provided little additional information.

In discussing the uptick in reports of unidentified aerial phenomenon the U.S. government receives, Tyson said, “The universe brims with mysteries. I don’t have any problems staring at something and not knowing what it is.”

See the entire interview with Tyson in the players above.

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