New high-def video of Titanic shipwreck released

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New details come to light as the world’s only 8k footage of the Titanic is revealed. (Credit: OceanGate Expeditions)

(NewsNation) — OceanGate Expeditions released the first-ever 8k high-definition footage of the Titanic on Tuesday. The video was successfully captured by the 2022 Titanic Expedition crew.

The short video provides a never-before-seen, detailed look at the wreckage sitting at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

“The amazing detail in the 8k footage will help our team of scientists and maritime archaeologists characterize the decay of the Titanic more precisely as we capture new footage in 2023 and beyond,” OceanGate Expedition president Stockton Rush said. “Capturing this 8K footage will allow us to zoom in and still have 4K quality, which is key for large screen and immersive video projects. Even more remarkable are the phenomenal colors in this footage.”

Archeologists say they will use this incredible video to document elements of the wreck in greater detail and monitor the doomed luxury liner’s rate of decay.

The new video technology has revealed new details about the ship, including the name of the anchor maker, the ship’s enormous anchor chain and renowned bow.

The “unsinkable” Titanic sank in 1912 on its maiden voyage from England to New York, when the ship hit an iceberg. The wreckage was discovered in 1985, exactly 37 years ago Thursday.

The ship is currently located about 400 nautical miles from Newfoundland, Canada.

OceanGate Expeditions said it is already planning for the 2023 Titanic Expedition, hoping to occur in May 2023.

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