Mom, Jessica Woo, goes viral after sharing creative lunches for her kids on social media

CHICAGO (NewsNationNow) – One mom’s battle with picky eaters won her millions of views and followers on social media.

Meet Jessica Woo, a normal mom who went viral on TikTok for creating bento box lunches for her children. She told NewsNation’s Nichole Berlie that she wanted to foster good memories for her kids by creating the boxed lunches.

“What is it do you think about the videos that people like so much?” Berlie asked Woo.

“Honestly, I just think it just brings good or bad memories of their parents, you know, whether they got packed lunches or not,” Woo responded. “I think they like it because I’m genuinely showing my love to my kids through food and the little notes that I write to them, so I think they like it because it’s just a mom loving her kids.”

Check out more of Jessica’s creative content on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

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