Here’s how astronauts are spending their Thanksgiving


(NewsNation Now) — Astronauts may be circling the Earth, but they are still celebrating Thanksgiving albeit with no gravity. Here’s how some NASA astronauts are enjoying the holiday from the International Space Station.

The members of NASA’s Expedition 66 said they had crab bisque, roast turkey, candied yams and some cherry cobbler ready for the big day.

The expedition’s flight engineer, Kayla Barron, said that while the team would be working during the holiday, they were planning “an awesome meal together.”

“I’m sure we’ll invite our cosmonaut colleagues to join us,” Barron said. “It’ll be a very international Thanksgiving.”

However, the Thanksgiving meal prep is not as extensive in space as it is on Earth. Most of the Thanksgiving fixings just need to be reheated.

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