The possible UFOs spotted on both US coasts


(NewsNation Now) — Reports of unidentified flying objects have jumped because of the pandemic. The government has even begun discussing UFOs more publicly in recent years.

George Knapp, of, says a lot of this more recent evidence has come to light because of the report being gathered for Congress by the “UAP Task Force.” That report will include photos and videos of UFO encounters with U.S. military assets.

Knapp said some of what’s already been gathered “is pretty amazing.”

One of his most recent stories involved pictures of unusual, unidentified aircrafts alongside Navy destroyers off the southern California coast.

“They’re coming out of nowhere. They’re not detected when they’re coming in. They’re not able to be tracked when they go out, and they swarm around the ship and really freaked out the Navy a little bit because we don’t know why they’re there or where they’re from,” said Knapp.

He says some of the theories are they might be foreign drones, but Knapp says they don’t behave like a standard one.

When asked what he thinks might be surprising for the American public to learn, Knapp referenced just how much evidence there is.

“I mean you figure it makes sense because our military has bases all over the world. We have sophisticated sensors. We have personnel, planes, ships. If anybody could gather information on this, it’s the U.S. military,” said Knapp.

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