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William Shatner calls UFO hearings ‘ridiculous’

  • William Shatner: Recent UFO claims don’t ‘make any sense’
  • The actor thinks a potential alien would not hide being from somewhere else
  • Shatner is not sure whether he would return to space

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(NewsNation) — Beloved Star Trek legend William Shatner said recent congressional hearings about unidentified aerial phenomena are “ridiculous.”

“You mean, some highly intelligent being goes 10,000 light years with advanced technology, arrives here and hides?” Shatner told NewsNation anchor Elizabeth Vargas. “It doesn’t make any sense.”

Shatner said if extraterrestrial beings could reach Earth, they would make a “big to-do” about it.

“If they’re going to make that journey all the way here, it just beggars the imagination that they would hide and make it, like, ‘Peekaboo, I’m here, no I’m not,’” Shatner said.

The Canadian actor was part of a documentary called “Tear in the Sky” that explored the possibility of UFOs.

Shatner said he learned potential evidence of UFOs out there is “filled with imagination and people’s desire.”

“I mean, what could we want more than to realize that there are other life forms in the universe that have the same yearnings. What’s the universe about? What’s after death? I mean, the monumental questions would abound, and they would be asking the same questions, but they’re not here,” Shatner said. “If they were, they would make their presence known.”

Once known for his role as Captain Kirk on “Star Trek,” Shatner is now exploring a new business venture. He became a member of the Space Crystals company that makes crystals containing a person’s DNA and sends it to the moon.

“One crystal you can have in your possession and the other crystal would go onboard the spacecraft going to the moon. When it gets to the moon, the crystal with your DNA is put on the ground and it stays there for eternity alongside Armstrong’s footsteps,” he explained.

Even with the new company, Shatner is unsure if he would ever return to space. In 2021, he became the oldest person at 90 years old to go to space with Jeff Bezos’ rocket company Blue Origin.

“It’s like going back to a love affair. I had such an incredible moment in my life by going up and coming back that I don’t know whether I want to go and repeat the experience,” Shatner told Vargas.

Shatner’s interview comes as lawmakers are pushing for more transparency on information regarding UFOs. Last week’s hearing was held after David Grusch, a former Air Force officer and intelligence official, went public with his claims that the government is concealing evidence of nonhuman aircraft.


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