UFOs don’t signal alien activity: Expert testimony

  • A Senate subcommittee held a hearing to probe experts about UFOs Wednesday
  • The director of AARO says there is no evidence of extraterrestrial activity
  • This was the second hearing of its kind in more than 50 years

(NewsNation) — There is no evidence to suggest UFOs are connected to alien activity, a top official testified.

Dr. Sean M. Kirkpatrick, director of the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), testified in a Senate hearing regarding mysterious flying objects that have been spotted for decades.

“I also state clearly for the record that in our research, AARO has found no credible evidence thus far of extraterrestrial activity, off-world technology or objects that defy the known law of physics,” Kirkpatrick said in his testimony.

The term “UFO,” often associated with extraterrestrial activity, simply refers to any unidentified flying object. These objects have also been called “UAPs,” or “unidentified aerial phenomenon.”

“If the significant scientific data were ever attained that a UAP encounter can only be explained by extraterrestrial origin, we are committed to working with our interagency partners at NASA to appropriately inform U.S. government leadership of its findings,” Kirkpatrick added in his testimony

The Senate Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities hearing on Wednesday is the second in more than 50 years that deals with these flying phenomena.


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