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Church membership among U.S. adults is down 47% in 2020

The Donlon Report: Indoor masks, fairness in farming and summer blackout concerns

Doctor answers questions on vaccinating teens; How buyers are winning in today's hot market

How to buy a home in this market? Be aggressive

Is Amazon good for consumers?

What's next in the fight against COVID-19?

Should I vaccinate my teen? A doctor weighs in

Local journalist gives report from the ground as conflict between Israeli and Palestinian topples buildings in Gaza City

Restart of Colonial Pipeline should help gas prices, demand return to normal

The Donlon Report: House GOP ousts Cheney, inflation fears and Mideast conflict escalates

“Let’s take these numbers with a grain of salt:” Financial adviser on inflation

Republican vote to oust Cheney pits GOP conservatives against Trump supporters

Political instability in Israel and Palestine may play a part in latest escalation

How conflicts in Gaza are escalating clashes between Israelis and Palestinians

Expert: NBC's cancellation of Golden Globes is not just about diversity

The Donlon Report: Pipeline hack reveals vulnerabilities, NBC cancels Golden Globes and Israel-Palestine conflict heats up

Former agent says border control agents need more help on Texas border

Critical infrastructure connected to Internet for remote work may have exposed it to vulnerabilities

Medina Spirit trainer has faced suspicion of cheating before

Republicans call for Cheney's removal over midterm messaging

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