A deeper look into Biden’s foreign policies and what could happen in Iraq

The Donlon Report

(The Donlon Report) — President Joe Biden officially announced his plan to end the nation’s longest war.

Biden announced Wednesday that all troops will be pulled out of Afghanistan by Sept, 11 with the withdrawal beginning May 1.

But with no American presence in the region, some are concerned terrorist organizations will reemerge. Senator Mitch McConnell called the move a grave mistake Tuesday saying the enemy is not yet vanquished.

On just Wednesday alone, a drone dropped explosives near U.S. Forces stationed in northern Iraq and a separate rocket attack killed a Turkish soldier at a nearby base.

Iran’s Natanz facility was badly damaged after a blackout in the facility caused a fire and minor explosions. Iran says Israel is behind the attack and now Iran is vowing revenge.

Hal Kempfer breaks down foreign policy and explores the complicated dynamics between Israel and Iran.

Watch foreign policy expert Hal Kempfer answer Joe Donlon’s questions on The Donlon Report in the player above.

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