Afghanistan withdrawal deadline held; chaos in the streets of Portland

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) —  Turmoil in Afghanistan.  President Joe Biden says he’s keeping the Aug.31 deadline to pull out Americans. Our allies say that’s a mistake. Are we turning our back on them and giving up on our country’s longest war?

NewsNation’s Washington bureau chief, Mike Viqueira, joins “The Donlon Report” to talk about the deadline.

Marc Polymeropoulos, a former CIA senior intelligence service officer and author of “Clarity in Crisis,” discusses the withdrawal.

Jessica Donati, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, talks about the threats at Kabul airport.

NewsNation’s Allison Harris updates us on troops leaving the country.

Missy Ryan, a national security reporter for The Washington Post, talks about the conditions in Qatar.

Julia Manchester, a national political reporter for The Hill, tells us how the withdrawal could impact people at the polls.

And after two groups clashed in the streets of Portland, many are wondering where were the police.  We ask the Portland police executive director, Daryl Turner, if defunding is to blame.

Plus, the United States is seeing a major spike in new COVID-19 cases. A live report from NewsNation’s Markie Martin in Texas. And Dr. Bob Lahita, with St. Joseph health, and Mo’Kelly, host of the Mo’kelly show, join the show to talk about vaccine hesitancy.

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