America divided, fixing the bail system and James Stavridis on China and Russia

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(NewsNation Now) — How did America get so divided, and is there any way out of it? Reason’s Robby Soave weighs in.

UBS financial adviser Tracy Byrnes explains what President Joe Biden’s move to free some oil from the strategic reserve will do, and whether it’s enough to ease gas price pain.

The Hill’s Julia Manchester discusses why the White House did this after initially resisting the move.

The bail system is in the spotlight after it turns out the man accused of killing at least six people at a Waukesha, Wisconsin parade had recently been freed on bond despite a long criminal record. Former prosecutor Pat Brady and University of Wisconsin law assistant professor Ion Meyn weigh in.

NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield previews her exclusive interview with Kyle Rittenhouse.

There have been high-profile “smash-and-grab”-style robberies in recent days. Pinal County, Arizona Sheriff Mark Lamb and retired Anne Arundel County, Maryland Police Commander TJ Smith give their expertise.

The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura gives an update from the southern border.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe and four-star naval Officer James Stavridis talks about the U.S. relationships with China and Russia and how the countries are positioning themselves.

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