Biden’s next move in Congress, plus the proposed payment to immigrants

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(NewsNation Now) — Congress has finally passed President Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan. But there is another looming showdown as lawmakers will now try to pass a much more partisan spending bill. Rep. Tom Reed, R-N.Y., joins “The Donlon Report” to weigh in.

Ted Cruz, who is vaccinated, has chosen to pick a fight with Big Bird over his fictional vaccination status. Robby Soave, Reason Magazine’s senior editor, shares his perspective on the matter.

It’s hard not to notice the spike in gas prices in the U.S. The price at the pump is $1.33 higher than a year ago. Scott Shellady, market analyst for RFD-TV, and former Republican Texas state Rep. Rick Green discuss the factors influencing increased gas prices.

Former ICE special agent Victor Avila and immigration attorney David Leopold discuss Biden’s proposed payments to illegal immigrants.

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