Biden’s vaccine mandate in court, restaurants wait on the pandemic and a high-tech stalking tool

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(NewsNation Now) — President Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate is now in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court. At issue: Can the federal government compel businesses to force their employees to get a vaccine? Cody Willard, editor of, and Rebecca Walser, attorney and president of Walser Wealth Management, join “The Donlon Report” to discuss whether it falls within the purview of the government, industry or just the individual to get people vaccinated against COVID-19.

Restaurants have been hit so hard by the pandemic that the mayors of 28 cities across the country have sent a letter to Congress calling on representatives to replenish funding for struggling restaurants. Chef Andrew Gruel, founder of Slapfish restaurant, discusses the challenges faced by dining establishments during the pandemic.

Privacy groups and police are sounding an alarm about a new gadget from Apple that is being used to track people. TikToker Jessica Troxell joins the show to talk about how Apple AirTags are being used in stalking and thefts.

New York City’s newly sworn-in District Attorney Alvin Bragg is ordering prosecutors not to seek prison sentences for several crimes and also to downgrade charges in areas including robberies, commercial burglaries and drug-dealing offenses. Critics are blasting Bragg’s initiatives as soft on crime. Podcast host and retired New York homicide Sgt. Bill Cannon and defense attorney and former prosecutor Randy Zelin discuss decarceration.

Pope Francis is encouraging Catholics to have and/or adopt children rather than bringing only pets into their homes, and airlines are threatening to refuse to fly back home a group of Canadians whose maskless antics aboard a jet to Cancun, Mexico, went viral. Comic Adam Carolla, host of “The Adam Carolla Show,” offers his insights into both stories.

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