Carjackings in Chicago, listening to students, and why Joe Rogan is so popular

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(NewsNation Now) — Roe Conn with the Cook County Sheriff’s Office explains the carjacking trends he’s seeing in the Chicago area.

Author and pastor Lucas Miles talks about the reasons students say they don’t feel safe in their school buildings.

Annie Nguyen explains how she fought to change her school’s dress code and won.

NewsNation’s Markie Martin reports on the fentanyl crisis’ impact on teenagers.

Fred Fleitz, vice chairman of the America First Policy Institute’s Center for American Security, discusses Russia’s stance with Ukraine and what could happen next.

Strategists Erin Perrine and Reyahd Kazmi take the pulse of the Biden presidency after a rough first year.

Comedian Ben Gleib explains why Joe Rogan is so popular despite his controversies.

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