Getting Americans out of Afghanistan, life after Ida and Texas’ abortion law

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — One day after President Biden highlighted his promise to get U.S. troops out of Afghanistan, there are a number of developments regarding another promise he made — to get all Americans out of the country, too.

Ret. Army Green Beret Scott Mann talks about how tough it is to get Americans out now that troops are gone.

Former State Department senior advisor Christian Whitton analyzes a newly reported-on transcript between Biden and the president of Afghanistan before the country fell.

NewsNation’s Joe Khalil previews his interview with a translator still in Afghanistan.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin looks ahead to Biden’s visit in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida. Scott Walker, a local councilman, explains what life is like in Jefferson Parish.

Winnie Sun, managing partner at Sun Group Wealth Partners, and Mitch Roschelle of Macro Trends Advisors discuss the trajectory of Social Security and whether today’s workers will ever get a payout from the venerable government program.

A recent Reuters poll found 38% of Americans approved of President Biden’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. March Fisher, senior editor at The Washington Post, discusses the impact.

A new Texas law that essentially bans abortions after six weeks went into effect today. Women’s rights advocate and former federal prosecutor Katie Cherkasky and Chelsey Youman of the group Human Coalition Action Texas bring both sides of the debate to the program.

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