Nassar survivor, Newsom recall, and why you may not want a 4-day workweek

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Emotional testimony about the FBI’s handling of the initial complaints against disgraced trainer Larry Nassar brought the victims’ pain to the nation’s Capitol Wednesday. Sarah Klein, a gymnast and victim, shares her reaction to the day’s events.

Retired FBI agent Bobby Chacone responds to accusations the agency covered up evidence.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom survived his recall election Tuesday. Radio host Dave Rubin, who campaigned for the lead vote-getter among the potential replacements, Larry Elder, reacts.

Ret. Lt. Gen. Tony Shaffer joins the show to discuss the new accusation that Gen. Mark Milley had unauthorized conversations with representatives of China about President Trump’s final weeks in office.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin gives the latest details on the search for a missing YouTuber, Gabby Petito.

Psychoanalyst Erica Komisar discusses her new piece warning that a 4-day work week may not be all it’s cracked up to be.

George Mason University law professor Todd Zywicki joins the show to give an update on his fight against vaccine mandates.

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