Reaction to Biden’s mandate, reflecting on 9/11, and robot workers

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Reaction to Biden's mandate, reflecting on 9/11, and robot workers

CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — It’s the day before – and the day after: The day before we mark 20 years since the 9/11 attacks, and the day after President Biden ordered new COVID-19 vaccine mandates. We have both covered tonight.

Wendy Patrick, political strategist and prosecutor, Carl Roth, former investment banker, Daniel Strauss, senior political writer for The New Republic, and Hugo Gurdon, Washington Examiner editor in chief discuss how businesses will react to Biden’s order.

New York radio host Lee Harris recalls broadcasting on 9/11.

Lisa Friedman, a 9/11 widow, describes talking to her late-husband before the World Trade Center tower he was in collapsed.

NewsNation’s Evan Lambert comes by to talk about whether 9/11 could happen again.

Biden and China President Xi Jinping spoke for the second time Thursday. China is saying the conversation is evidence they have the upper hand in the relationship. Dean Cheng of the Heritage Foundation analyzes the two countries’ positions.

Jennifer Cassetta stops by to talk about airline workers learning self defense to deal with unruly passengers.

Taco Borga, co-owner and chef at La Duni in Dallas, introduces us to his robotic employees that he’s using since he can’t find workers at his restaurant.

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