Vaccine resistance, surging prices, and a soldier court martialed for rebuking Biden

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — Resistance is mounting to vaccine mandates, from NBA superstars to the Chicago police union. With most Americans having made up their minds about the COVID-19 vaccine, when is it time to move past the pandemic from a public policy sense? Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, an immunologist and public health advocate, weighs in.

Even members of the Catholic hierarchy are divided. An archbishop says Catholic troops should not have to get the shot, but the pope is encouraging all parishioners to take it. The Rev. Thomas Reese, a Jesuit priest, explains the divide.

Conservative commentator John Kass weighs in on the Chicago police’s opposition to the city’s mandate.

New video from the southern California border shows a smuggler abandoning a 7-year-old girl after dropping her over a 30-foot wall. The Daily Caller’s Jorge Ventura shares the latest from the border.

NewsNation’s Brian Entin offers the latest in the Brian Laundrie manhunt.

NewsNation’s Markie Martin explains what the demand for gas has done to revive Texas oil towns. The Hill’s Julia Manchester and business reporter Shbani Joshi talk about the state of the economy.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is facing a court martial for a social media tirade against the president in August. He pleaded guilty Thursday, and Lt. Col. Tony Schaffer explains what that means and what happens next.

Dave Chappelle’s latest special has inspired a walkout among some Netflix employees who say the company should not be promoting the jokes about transgender people that he made. Comedian Michael Colyar weighs in.

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