Virginia race, vaccine mandate side effects, defunding police in Minneapolis

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — We’re entering the final night of the 2021 Virginia gubernatorial race, and a state that’s been reliably blue for more than a decade looks, at the very least, purple. The Hill’s Julia Manchester gives us the latest storylines. NewsNation’s Leland Vittert recaps his interview with Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe. Reason’s Robby Soave tells us what’s at stake.

At least 9,000 New York City workers were off the job Monday as the vaccine mandate took effect. Radio hosts Tony Katz and Mo Kelly weigh in on the side effects of the vaccine mandate.

Voters in Minneapolis could decide to do away with the city’s police department Tuesday. NewsNation’s Kelsey Kenstine explains what’s on the ballot. Retired Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Cheryl Dorsey gives her perspective.

Jury selection began in Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. He’s accused of shooting two men to death and wounding another in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Defense attorney Randy Zelin explains what could happen in the trial.

NewsNation’s Nancy Loo joins the show with an update on the supply chain crisis.

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