Labor shortage? Man claims he applied to 60 jobs, got 1 interview

The Donlon Report

(NewsNation Now) — A Florida man says two months of job applications yielded one real interview, and his story is going viral.

Joey Holz, who’s happily employed, said he applied for 60 jobs and only one turned into a real opportunity.

“I went out to prove that people are putting in applications and they’re not getting responses,” Holz said on NewsNation’s “The Donlon Report.”

Those 60 applications yielded 16 total responses, but only four of them showed any interest in moving forward.

The jobs he applied for paid a maximum of $12 per hour, Holz told NewsNation. Most of them were for restaurants, construction and data entry positions.

Holz used to be a recruiter, so he made sure to send a resume the employer couldn’t refuse.

“My resume was specifically tailored for each job,” he said. “I write a new resume for each job I apply for because that’s just the best way to do it.”

Overall, Holz is skeptical the worker shortage is about people being too lazy or entitled to apply for jobs.

“The workers are there, but the restaurants don’t want to sacrifice the profits, to meet the employees where they need their wages to take care of their families,” he theorized on “The Donlon Report.”

Restaurant owners have told NewsNation inflation is eating into their margins, and they are having trouble hiring.

“Everything is at least doubled in cost,” restaurant owner and barbecue legend Myron Mixon said on NewsNation’s “On Balance With Leland Vittert” last week. “And the thing is, there’s just so much of that extra cost you could pass on to your customer, because there is a ceiling that your customer is willing to pay for that meal.”

Taco Borga, co-owner of La Duni in Dallas, bought robots to do simple tasks such as serving food from the kitchen.

Still, Holz insists finding ways to attract and keep workers is to pay them well. Despite applying for 60 jobs, he says he’s not going anywhere.

“When an employer takes care of their people, they don’t leave,” he said.

Leland Vittert contributed to this report.

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