Quarantining Texas State representative argues trip to DC was worth risk

The Donlon Report

(The Donlon Report) — Texas State Representative Trey Martinez Fischer said he’s feeling fine after testing positive for COVID-19 during his trip to Washington, D.C, but doesn’t regret the trip.

“We knew this trip was going to come with challenges, personal challenges, financial challenges, it’s emotional of everything we’re going through. But you know, contracting COVID was not in the plan,” Fischer said.

Fischer is one of several fully vaccinated Texas representatives who contracted COVID-19 during the delegation’s trip to Washington, D.C. to avoid voting on a Texas bill that would change voting laws in the state.

He told Joe Donlon that members are continuing to do work and advocate against the voting law while quarantining.

” So I’m quarantining for 10 days, and I’ll assume, you know, start testing in a couple days to see if I’m still positive, I will continue my work,” Fischer said.

Fischer dismissed that leaving the state to prevent the Texas legislature from forming a quorum for the vote set a concerning precedent.

“As a matter of fact, up here in Washington, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is talking about breaking quorum to prevent a vote on the President’s infrastructure package. So listen, both sides use it. These are tools in the bucket. It’s only been used five times in the history of say, Texas. So this is it something that happens all the time,” Fischer said.

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