Schools closing again, but should they? Parents weigh in

The Donlon Report

(NewsNation Now) — A doctor on “The Donlon Report “says “kids should stay in school,” but some parents are divided on how school systems should respond as we see a surge in COVID cases due to the omicron variant.

“The fact is, there are parents who were afraid and now they’re afraid, again, because of the different variant,” Alina Adams, a parent and best-selling author, said on “The Donlon Report.”

Maud Maron, a mother, open-schools advocate and lawyer, says the omicron surge is not a reason to shut schools down.

“We have learned over the last two years is that school is truly essential and that children belong in school,” Maron said. “That’s where they learn. And that’s where they thrive.”

This week, President Joe Biden said there would not be a mass lockdown of schools. Despite this, schools across the country are closing in some areas or preparing for a return to online learning. Some universities are also shuttering classrooms.

Dr. Bob Lahita, St. Joseph’s Healthcare director, also believes that children belong in the classroom, socializing with other students.

“Children, we know, rarely get sick, even from delta variant, but they can spread it. However, testing may be appropriate in schools and in colleges,” Lahita said on “The Donlon Report.” “That’s the one area where testing may be valuable.”

“Test-to-stay would be an improvement, but ultimately, we’re going to have to learn to live with COVID,” Maron said.

“Why is no one talking about a middle ground?” Adams asked. “There are teachers who want to stay home. Let them teach the children who are at home. There are teachers who believe it is important to be back in schools; let them teach the children who are in school.”

Maron said Adams’ idea hasn’t worked in the past.

“We had a really significant problem in New York City, which is the largest school district in the nation, staffing that kind of proposal,” Maron said.

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