Spiky eagle-proof vests for dogs help keep them safe from resurgent raptors, pet store owner says

The bald eagle is making a comeback, but that’s proving to be a problem for pet owners in areas where they’re thriving because a small dog looks like a decent meal to an eagle.

“There’s a pretty good chance anytime here in Anchorage, Alaska you can look up and see a bald eagle,” said Mark Robokoff, the owner of AK Bark Petshop.

He said juveniles are generally the biggest threat when it comes to pets.

“They tend to come down and investigate things and they’re not very good at grabbing things, so sometimes they’ll just sort of strike at a dog,” Robokoff said.

So his solution: an ensemble for dogs complete with thin steel spikes jutting off the back, so if an eagle attempts to grab it, they wouldn’t be able to sink their talons into the pet’s flesh.

“This looks and feels weird and they don’t like anything that’s just as weird, so they’re just going to fly off and look for something else,” Robokoff said.

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