The Donlon Report: As reopening brings new hope, U.S. sees rise in violent crime, bad behavior in the skies

The Donlon Report

More and more cities and states are reopening this weekend, but some industries are lagging behind as things get back to normal. Nevertheless, “Bar Rescue” host Jon Taffer says “boom times” are coming for the restaurant and bar industry.

But while Americans are flying again, so are tempers. From assaulting staff to refusing to follow mask rules, Brian Entin highlights just a few examples of bad behavior in the sky.

It was also another violent weekend with mass shootings across the United States. New York officer Zeek Arkham and Atlanta mayoral candidate Antonio Brown share their differing perspectives on what role police can play in addressing violent crime.

Plus, a New Jersey school board made the controversial decision to remove all holiday names from the district’s academic calendar after outcry from parents over the decision to rename “Columbus Day” as “Iindigenous People’s Day.” Former Chicago school head Paul Vallas weighs in after the district says holidays will simply be called “Day Off” on the calendar to avoid offending anyone.

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