The Donlon Report: Cities debate police funding as crime spikes; Why spending plan would double IRS agents

The Donlon Report

It was a violent weekend across our nation, as mass shootings in several states left more than 20 dead and 100 injured. Given this, why does the mayor of the city with the highest murder rate want to cut police funding? Councilman and former St. Louis police chief Tim Fitch and former LAPD sergeant Cheryl Dorsey weigh in.

Responding to a report in the Wall Street Journal, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has re-fueled the debate on where COVID-19 originated. The report says three researchers from China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology were hospitalized with Covid-like-symptoms in November of 2019, a month before the virus was made known to the world. Author Gordon Chang provides insights into what could come next in the U.S.-China relationship.

And the Biden administration is proposing to spend $80 billion to beef up the IRS, doubling the number of agents to catch more tax evaders and help pay for trillions in new spending. Why “Positive Financial Karma” author Dan Geltrude supports the change — but says it might not work.

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