The Donlon Report: Cops on the state of policing in America; Why Chicago’s mayor limited interview to journalists of color

The Donlon Report

What is it like to be an officer in the era of body cams and extra media scrutiny, putting your life on the line in the face of protests and calls from some to defund the police? Detroit’s outgoing Chief of Police and a New York cop share their experiences.

And after some House Republicans joined Democrats to pass a proposal for a 9-11 style commission on the January 6 Capitol attack — which was opposed by GOP leaders — opponent Rep. Tom McClintok (R-CA) weighs in on the future of the bipartisan measure. 

Plus, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is coming under fire for limiting one-on-one media interviews marking the second anniversary of her term in office to journalists of color, but doubled down saying she ran to break up the status quo. A local reporter explains her decision.

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