The Donlon Report: Harris faces criticism for border visit comments; White House drops Trump’s proposed TikTok ban

The Donlon Report

American journalist Danny Fenster was working as a magazine editor in Myanmar when a military coup effectively ended the country’s 10-year foray with democracy in February. He was supposed to fly out of the country to visit his family in Detroit on May 24 — but he never got on the plane. His parents speak out.

Plus, after a ProPublica investigation revealed how little some of the wealthiest Americans are paying in taxes, Gravity Payments CEO and author Dan Price explains how differences emerge when wealth is taxed differently than work.

And, Vice President Kamala Harris’s first trip to Central America is being described as “rocky” after she made comments about “already” visiting the border. Author and Mediaite founder Dan Abrams explains why White House insiders are reportedly “perplexed” about the comments.

Finally, advertising executive Mark Douglas explains the White House’s reversal of a Trump proposal to ban TikTok in the U.S.

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