The Donlon Report: New words you can’t say on TV, protecting the grid from cyberattacks and investigating COVID-19’s origins

The Donlon Report

(NewsNation Now) — From George Carlin to “The Jeffersons to “The Office,” what was once said out loud on TV can now seen as taboo. We take a look at what people can and can’t say in today’s media environment with journalist Nick Gillespie of “Reason” magazine.

And after a cyber attack hit the largest U.S. pipeline system, we ask: is our grid safe enough? Global cybersecurity expert Scott Schober looks at what the Biden administration is doing to protect America.

Plus, after three people including a four-year-old girl were injured in a Times Square shooting, retired New Jersey police officer Steve Rogers looks at the pressure facing officers in the Big Apple.

Finally, while there are still questions about what role China played in the origins and global spread of COVID-19, the head of the World Health Organization says the country withheld essential data. Hal Kempfer of Global Risk Intelligence and Planning looks at the latest on the global spread of the virus.

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