Parents of US Marine jailed in Russia speak out

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CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — It has been a long two years with the family of U.S. Marine veteran Trevor Reed. He was once a presidential guard with the Marines — a highly coveted position. 

While visiting his girlfriend in Moscow police took Reed, who had been drinking at a party to sober up back in a police station. Russian intelligence officers would later come in and question him and then charge him with assaulting an officer. 

President Joe Biden brought up Reed’s situation during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. But Reid remains behind bars, Reed’s father Joey spent a year in Russia trying to free his son to no avail. He and his wife Paula continue asking the White House for help. They believe his location has changed, but they’re not exactly sure where.

“He was moved from his prison in Moscow to somewhere we think and Mordovia,” said Joey Reed. “At least that’s what the Russian media is reporting. And but we don’t know for sure and the United States Embassy hasn’t been able to find out his location.”

The Reeds say they have not been able to speak with their son since before his location was moved. They were told not to expect any contact with him while he’s in transit.

They say they’ve spoken to the State Department every week and remain optimistic.

“We’re still hopeful that what President Putin said would happen, that the foreign ministry and the State Department would work on this issue, and that he was open to negotiations. And President Biden essentially said the same thing. So we’re still very hopeful,” they said.

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